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Our School

Laker Online (LO) is a fully online and separate school, approved by MDE, for PLSAS students at the secondary level; grades 9-12.  Laker Online allows district residents and open enrolled MN students to conduct their learning with PLSAS licensed teachers while being a Laker. Students enrolled in Laker Online must reside in Minnesota.  According to MDE, ‘the student must be physically present within the state under the care and supervision of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s).’ Students who are not physically present in MN are not eligible to participate in Laker Online.  

Laker Online students can expect a daily schedule similar to their in-person peers, synchronous and asynchronous learning while working with a digital curriculum (Edmentum).  Laker Online students can expect a set schedule with required daily attendance both during synchronous class periods (live with teachers cameras on) or during asynchronous learning (work on your own).  Schedule options are not available other than what is offered at the student’s grade level.  While students are interacting with teachers, the online school requires a greater degree of independence from those enrolled.